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Let Our Experts Build You a Garden Retaining Wall With Ease

A retaining wall requires extensive design, meticulous work, and a lot of time to construct. The majority of the time, though, the third is absent if one has two. Not with the professionals at R & M Landscaping and Patios, though. We can help you plan and carry out any project involving retaining walls since we have the necessary expertise and time. Here you may find out more about how we can assist you in building your garden retaining wall if you live in Lindenwold, NJ.

Any Style You Choose

Any type of material can be used to construct retaining walls. For more than five years of our working lives, we have worked to perfect our methods to the point where we can now provide a swift and competent option for creating any form of retaining wall. We can design the appropriate structure to complement your garden, lawn, or other outdoor elements using stone, asphalt, brick pavers, and other materials. You are protected by us.

From A to Z

To get a sense of the terrain, a thorough inspection will be conducted. We will sketch your wall design and mark the space once we have that information. Subsequently, we will dig and excavate the area. Then we’ll lay the steel bar grid/mesh, compact the road base, lay the wooden forms, and finish laying the steel bar grid/mesh. Using a cement and sand mixture, we will pour the footing. We will next screed and level the cement/sand mixture. We pledge to meet all of your needs.

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Find out more about how our business in Lindenwold, NJ can handle any concrete projects you have in mind, including a garden retaining wall. To learn more about our company and the advantages of working with us, get in contact with the professionals at R & M Landscaping and Patios or call (856) 842-4592 to obtain an estimate on our labor and schedule an appointment. Please get in touch with us soon. Contact us immediately!

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